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Metroplex Business Park

Project Type:Manufacturing & Industrial

Client:Howlings Hodgson


Location:Broadway, Salford

Analysis and proposal commission with the aim of enhancing public perception and visibilty of an established office and industrial business park.

The proposal strategy focussed upon a phased approach to undertaking site wide changes, in order to rejuvenate the identity of an ageing business park. The final strategy document, incorporating a ‘shopping list’ of costs is used to implement enhancements on a rolling basis. This covered aspects including rebranding through the introduction of new wayfinding and building signage, minor elevational treatment, pruning and renewal of soft and hard landscaping , screening between front and back of house areas, and the introduction of ‘green sustainable’ measures to make the offering more appealing and competitive in the market.

The park had suffered from the original need to make security measures an overiding priority, and in doing so had become concealed from view behind fencing and undergrowth. New development associated with neighbouring MediaCityUK resulted in increased traffic and an opportunity to attract new tenants.

The project comprises:

  • Site wide and individual building analysis
  • Rebranding with contemporary signage
  • Rationalisation of parking
  • New hard & soft landscaping with ongoing maintenance strategy
  • New lighting scheme
  • Introduction of ‘sustainability measures’

Role and Responsibility

RIBA Stage 0 to 2 for Architecure and Landscaping combined.

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