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Confidential Science and Innovation Campus Masterplan

Project Type:Science & Research



Location:Home Counties

This Masterplan (MP) represents an ambitious undertaking aimed at establishing a world-leading science campus in close proximity to an established agri-tech R&D facility. This master plan envisions the creation of a significant and innovative commercial science space, offering an extensive array of facilities and amenities to bolster research and innovation spanning a diverse spectrum of scientific disciplines. Importantly, the MP forms an integral part of a broader revitalization initiative geared towards providing housing support for the existing local and new science community.

The MP is poised to forge a dynamic and integrated cluster, fostering close ties with the client’s own R&D endeavours. A distinctive feature of this development lies in its landscape-led approach, with a steadfast commitment to enhancing biodiversity and ecological sustainability, seamlessly integrating the built environment within the natural surroundings.

Central to the ethos of this scheme is the concept of “place-making,” which lies at its core. This entails the meticulous crafting of spaces and environments that offer amenities not only for the tenants but also for the local community, embodying a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and community engagement.

The Master Plan comprises:-
– A range of science building typologies to support a wide range of R&D and Innovation activities.
– New Community Hub, conferencing and restaurant faculties
– New Access and Open Campus
– Ecology Lead

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