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Confidential Campus Masterplan

Project Type:Science & Research



Location:North London

This confidential Masterplan (MP) represents a highly ambitious endeavour aimed at the creation of a world-class science campus situated adjacent to a substantial Pharma Research Campus.

This master plan is set to redefine the landscape of commercial science spaces, introducing an extensive array of facilities and amenities that will catalyse research and innovation across an even broader spectrum of scientific disciplines. One of its primary objectives is to leverage and enhance the existing commercial science infrastructure while nurturing the growth of Life Science R&D and GMP manufacturing.

The MP is poised to establish an entirely new integrated cluster, characterized by its strong synergistic connections with the neighbouring global pharmaceutical corporation.

What sets this development apart is its landscape-centric approach, with a steadfast commitment to bolstering biodiversity and ecological sustainability. The built environment will seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings, ensuring a harmonious coexistence.

At the heart of this visionary scheme lies the concept of “place-making,” an ethos that drives the creation of spaces and environments designed to offer amenities not only to the tenants but also to the broader community, thereby fostering a sense of shared prosperity and community engagement.

The Master Plan comprises:-
– A range of science building typologies to support a wide range of R&D and Innovation activities.
– New Community Hub, conferencing and restaurant faculties
– New Access and Open Campus
– Place making Lead

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