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Cummins Singapore

Project Type:Manufacturing & Industrial


Value:Circa £120 million


The Fairhursts Design Group are one of two architectural practices on the Cummins EMEA regional framework and were appointed by Cummins to design a facility to consolidate their multiple operations in Singapore into a single new building.

The facility would need to accommodate a wide range of uses from office to warehousing yet be flexible and adaptable enough to cope with change over a 15 year business plan. The facility needed to comply with Cummins pan-world design standards yet be economical to build within the high land costs of Singapore. For that reason a multi-storey, stacked, design was adopted to this unique requirement. The project provides some 670,000 ft2 of floor space over 5 floors.

The centre comprises:

  • Global logistics warehouse
  • Various workshops
  • Offices, meeting rooms & training areas
  • Welfare and support facilities

Role and Responsibility

Architects and Masterplanners, RIBA Stages A onwards.

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