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Windrush Innovation Centre (WIC)

Project Type:Science & Research

Client:Kadans Science Partner



The Windrush Innovation Centre (WIC), a ground breaking commercial life science facility dedicated to advancing the growth of companies specializing in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products.

Covering 6,500 square meters, WIC is a dynamic ecosystem featuring cutting edge research laboratories, flexible office spaces, versatile meeting rooms, collaborative zones, and essential amenities. It serves as a nucleus for a thriving life sciences community and fosters synergistic relationships with existing businesses in the area.

Central to this endeavour is the removal of an outdated industrial unit that no longer aligns with the rigorous demands of life science research and development. In its place, WIC stands as a beacon of adaptability, designed to accommodate a diverse spectrum of scientific endeavours. It boasts a foundational infrastructure that can readily accommodate specialized installations, tailored to the unique requirements of incoming tenants.

Furthermore, sustainability serves as a cornerstone in the design philosophy of WIC. The facility is meticulously crafted to attain the coveted BREEAM Excellent certification, emphasizing eco-conscious practices. This commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the incorporation of a thriving brown roof ecosystem, cutting-edge photovoltaic arrays, and advanced low-zero carbon heating and cooling technologies. Additionally, passive design measures, including an exceptionally efficient façade, further underscore WIC’s dedication to environmentally responsible innovation.

The centre comprises:-
– A range of science building typologies to support a wide range of R&D and Innovation activities.
– New offices, meeting rooms and breakout.

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