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The Ogilvie Building

Project Type:Science & Research

Client:Wellcome Trust

Value:£27 million

Location:Hinxton, Cambridge

This 3 storey, state of the art facility, contains flexible and adaptable sequencing laboratories, supported by smaller secondary laboratories and open plan offices.

The labs are designed to be reconfigurable, allowing them to adapt to the requirements of new sequencing technologies and the needs of the Institute’s research groups and their changing needs over time.

The building is designed to sit comfortably within the campus environment, bringing together the existing palette of materials whilst introducing new elements to reflect the context of the rural setting.

The facility will also be home to the operations of Genomics England to deliver the Human Genome Project, a Government initiative announced in August to sequence 100,000 human genomes by 2017 that will propel the UK to the forefront of genetic research.

The centre comprises:

  • Clean adaptable gene sequencing halls
  • Secondary labs including CL2 space
  • Freezer storage up to -80°C
  • Energy Centre
  • Write-up, office and meeting spaces

Role and Responsibility

Full architectural, landscape and interior design service. RIBA Stages 1 – 6. Novated at Stage 4.

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