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Materials Innovation Factory

Project Type:Science & Research

Client:University of Liverpool



The project provides a new innovative research hub in material chemistry, high-throughput materials and formulation research, by building and equipping research facilities for use by the University and its industrial collaborators. The building is located within a cluster of existing campus buildings surrounded with small pockets of greenspace and existing mature trees.

Flexible specialist laboratories, offices and other work spaces aimed to allow the open access equipment at the University via a ‘research hotel’ type of arrangement. A central atrium with informal meeting spaces at each floor ensures that the building design facilitates collaboration.

The existing landscape was updated to provide a contemporary setting and pedestrian approach to the new building and to also lift the appearance of the open spaces to the adjacent older style buildings. The layout provides an external amenity and seating area for use by students and staff with blocks of habitat diverse planting and wildflower meadow.

Existing trees considered for retention provide maturity and green structure to the site.

The centre comprises:

  • 2000m2  synthetic chemistry laboratories
  • 2400m2 flexible analytical, robotics and formulating labs
  • 1200m2 open plan and cellular write up space
  • Contemporary layout and palette of hard materials reflecting the building design
  • Plant mix for habitat creation
  • Stone block seating area
  • Amenity space with relocated relocated sculptures and seating

Role and Responsibility

Full Architectural, interior design and landscape design service. RIBA Stages 1-7 inclusive.

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