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FDG reveals new look interiors at 19 Spring Gardens

Project Type:Commercial & Workplace

Client:Muller International Ltd.



FDG’s ID team has successfully completed a refurbishment project at 19 Spring Gardens on behalf of Muller International. The scheme has transformed the ground floor reception space as well as the common areas, 1st and 6th floor office suites. Drawing on the history of the area, the concept design strongly references water and the springs that were located nearby in medieval times. Wood and metal finishes, along with monochrome elements and pops of colour have been utilised to create a sleek, contemporary environment.

Stevie Leigh, head of interiors at the Fairhursts Design Group, said: “There is nothing more satisfying than taking a building and bringing it back to life as we have done at 19 Spring Gardens. Manchester is a thriving business community and office space is at a premium, so it is imperative that commercial building owners keep up with the latest occupier needs and design trends to ensure their property remains attractive to both existing and potential tenants.”

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