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Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Project Type:Science & Research




A new 9200m2 Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Centre on the GSK Campus in Stevenage.

The Cell Gene Therapy Catapult mission is to be a world leader in regenerative medicine. The CGT Manufacturing Centre is intended to convert research into products that have the potential to have a direct impact in advanced health care.

The new facility provides six cleanroom modules in a unique ‘hotel concept’ to allow tenants to design, develop and establish production facilities for cell-based applications.

We are thrilled to open the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult manufacturing centre with the Business Secretary Greg Clark and our initial collaborators Autolus, Cell Medica, AdaptImmune, Freeline,  and Thermo Fisher Scientific. These companies have international activities and choices, and have chosen to develop European-based manufacturing in the UK. The manufacturing centre is integral to the development of a thriving global cell and gene therapy industry. This is an area of medicine that has shown potential for decades and we now need new manufacturing technology like never before. The centre is a major statement of intent and a springboard for industry in its global development. The launch of this important facility pushes the agenda forward and accelerates the timeframe for bringing these living medicines to patients.

Keith Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, CGT Catapult – Source CGT Website on the Opening of the Project

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