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FDG Delivers the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building at Warwick University

FDG, in partnership with Willmott Dixon and Warwick University, has successfully delivered the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building (IBRB) in Warwick. Located at the University’s Gibbet Hill campus, the £33m world-class research building will bring together 300 researchers working to better understand the origins and mechanistic basis of diseases, and looking to find new ways of extending healthy life spans. The facility will also house world-class research in neuroscience, microbiology and infection, cell biology, and disease models, supporting and facilitating interdisciplinary biomedical research of the highest quality.

IBRB is the University’s most sustainable space on campus and was constructed with 50% of the development made up on PMV (pre-manufactured value), comprising offsite manufactured components including a pre-cast frame, mega-riser, timber frame and cladding.


In addition, the project saw the installation of over 930 vertical PV solar panels which will offset approximately 46,000kg CO2 emissions and demonstrates the University’s commitment to reach net zero carbon from direct emissions and the energy they buy from 2030.

The 7000sqm building features a 400-seat lecture theatre, five storeys of state-of-the-art laboratories as well as various social and collaboration spaces. Alongside housing a team of researchers, the development will also enhance the student experience, facilitate the growth of undergraduate schemes and foster interdisciplinary collaboration enabling life-changing biomedical research.

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