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FDG Completes at the University of Liverpool

FDG has been lucky enough to work with the University of Liverpool for many years and across a variety of projects in the City. Most recently, FDG has completed two premises for use by the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Disease Research (CEIDR) and the Centre of Excellence of Long Action Therapeutics (CELT).

The first project saw FDG’s expert science team working on the extension and refurbishment of laboratories across two floors at the William Henry Duncan Building on West Derby Street for CEIDR’s new home. Alongside the research laboratories, FDG also created LCMS facilities, write up space and collaboration zones for the organisation. The second project at the William Henry Duncan building required FDG to design and deliver two primary research laboratory spaces for CELT. One laboratory was designed with mobile benching and a flexible layout, while the second is a chemistry laboratory. Support spaces for the completion of admin tasks and knowledge sharing were also included.

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