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How to design commercial space for science

This summer, FDG was pleased to team up with leading property news outlet Place North West to discuss designing commercial space for science as part of PNW’s new podcast series.

The rise of life sciences and biotech has put a premium on laboratory space and it is a sector that FDG is particularly practiced in having delivered projects for the likes of Bruntwood SciTech, the University of Cambridge, the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the University of Warwick, Oxford Science Enterprises and the University of Liverpool.

In this episode of the PNW Masterclass Series, FDG managing director Mark Adey and director Laura Sherliker share how to develop the ideal space for these lab-hungry industries, the ins and outs of crafting commercial science spaces, break down key things you’ll need to know as well as sharing lessons learned from past projects – including the award-winning GlaxoSmithKline Centre for Sustainable Chemistry in Nottingham.

You can listen to the full discussion by following this link…

MASTERCLASS | How to design a commercial space for science

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