Sealife Centre, Great Yarmouth

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Project Details


Design of an extension to the Sea Life Centre at Great Yarmouth to provide an enclosure and viewing area for up to 14 Humboldt Penguins.

The brief for the project was developed in association with Merlin  to provide the following accommodation:

  • Above and below water viewing opportunities.
  • Land and dive pool area within the enclosure area.
  • Ancillary facilities including nest box, isolation and curator areas together with a stand-alone life support system area.
  • An attractive extension to the existing building that provides good security to the penguins.

The standards utilised for the project were Merlin’s in-house curatorial standards together with those of EAZA. The project was developed with an enclosure open to the sky and the development of a two storey viewing area, with the upper viewing terrace providing the required environment for the unique underwater viewing area.
Great Yarmouth
£150, 000