Information Technology


The company has an experienced graphics section which uses professional desk top publishing and graphics software for the presentation of information to clients and others. Project management programmes and speadsheets are also available to assist in the design, monitoring and control of projects.

Computer Aided Design

All projects are modelled in 3D from an early stage using SketchUp or REVIT software to develop the form and massing. This enables clients to see images of the design as it progresses. These important tools also allow meaningful early discussions with local planning authorities giving confidence in the design prior to any submission.

Further photorealistic images are produced as necessary at appropriate stages in the design programme.

Revit & AutoCAD

AutoCAD is primarily used in our Manchester and Southampton offices, but with an increasing number of projects now being drawn in REVIT 2014. Regular upgrades to the latest version of our CAD software are made. The use of Autocad & REVIT, regarded as the industry standard for architectural and engineering CAD drawings, allows us to integrate fully with other disciplines and software packages.

Electronic Data Transfer

Fairhursts makes extensive use, of electronic data transfer between clients,
co-consultants and contractors, using web based file sharing facilities, such as 'Project Vault' and 'BIW'.

Practice Information

Business Name: The Fairhursts Design Group

Registered Name: The Fairhursts Design Group Limited

Type of Organisation: Private Limited Company

Company Registration No: 2694100 (England & Wales)

Year Established: 1896
1992 as a Limited Company

VAT Number: 145 5695 42 GB

Fairhursts Design Group - Information Technology